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He says, She says. How to Save One’s Marriage – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio] 🎧

What would happen if one day you came home to your wife who basically tells you, “It’s over! Go and pack your bags, I want you out today.”

On this show, we learn that there is no ‘HAPPILY EVER AFTER’, but we CAN still save our relationship with our spouse, and go on to live happy and fulfilling lives TOGETHER.

Hear about these husbands that did just that, and today have kept their marriages together and are enjoying a relationship more peaceful and content than ever before.

Tamar speaks with Richard Davis, a lawyer who was about to lose his marriage, but learned how to fix it, and has now written a course for husbands who are also suffering in their marriages and on the brink of divorce. There is hope, as we hear a testimonial from another husband who took the course “Save My Marriage 6 Week Program”. It’s infinitely less expensive than years of therapy or divorce lawyers, and can finally offer you peace with your mate. Check out the course before you say goodbye to your marriage, at: or email Richard at:



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