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Israel Poetry on Love

by Batia Macales

A walk on the beach at sunset
with the wind blowing in her hair
The satiny and silky touch of her hand
The reflection of the sea in her eyes
The look of love that she give you
Sends your heart to a Gan Eden, Paradise like never before
Only to look and to realize and to ask where did this all come from
Then you look up and you know it can only come from Hashems love

The very glance at your eyes.
Beauty and love deep within.
Feel and touch was felt, through your gaze at me.
Fresh new love, compared as an ocean breeze.
Love so deep that the mere closeness is like a
volcano erupting from within.
Tender lips embraced for an everlasting kiss of love.
The wonders and love of Hashem who makes it all possible.

Batia Macales was born in Brooklyn, New York on January 25th, 1958, when she was 3, she moved to California and eventually Israel.  Batia writes us:  “I came from a traditional family. My mother always kept kosher. My parent’s were always very zionistic, so in 1968-1970 we all made aliyah. We lived first in Beer-Sheva and then we moved to Mitzpeh Ramon. That was my first taste of Israel. I became a Chozer B’ Teshuva in 1981. One of my biggest influences was Rabbi Noach Weinberg z”l, Rosh Yishiva Aish Ha Torah. I studied at Aish Ha Torah in Los Angeles.  I have 5 children one who lives in Los Angeles, 4 that live in Israel. I have an Associate of Arts degree from Los Angeles Valley College.
Before me and my ex-husband married we both had a dream to return and make aliyah which we did in the year 2000. When we made aliyah we moved to the Yeshuv Shavei Shomron where we were in ulpan. Then we moved to Ginot Shomron. I now live in Kedumim, I feel as though it’s Gan Eden here.
I am presently working for a lady who had cancer last year as a Rehabilitation Specialist.

I am serious about my Torah Observance. I have said שיר השירים for over two years everyday the whole book. I also learn Shmirat Haloshon. I am always working to better myself. I love doing acts of chesed, learning Torah, and I am so appreciative to Hashem to be living in the best country in the world. I have a good sense of humor, which I think is important. I am easy going. I try and make the best out of difficult situations. I don’t take anything for granted. I am thankful for everything. Blessed that I was born Jewish. Always pushing myself to higher levels.”