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Israeli Security Expert Warns Individuals to Be Prepared – Beyond the Matrix [audio] 🎧

Rod Bryant and Jerry Gordon bring back former IDF Special Ops and Secret Service expert and CEO of ZotaGroup, Razi Atuar, Lt. Col. IDF (res.). Atuar discusses his amazing family Yemenite Jewish background and training for IDF special ops and Secret Service. Training that emphasized out of the box thinking and team work to address situational awareness and special mission tactical situations. Atuar emphasized the necessity of all non-profit, educational, medical and religious organizations to conduct emergency training in reaction to intruder threats. That included certification of armed civilians by law enforcement and tactical training to combat real time threats in tactical situations. He discussed Israeli technology integrated with physical and CCTV security systems that had advanced technology to discriminate against intruder threats sending alerts to monitors and local law enforcement. ZotaGroup that Atuar founded is engaged in transfer of Israeli technology for defense, national and personal security applications. Visit their website at:

Beyond the Matrix 07Nov2018 – PODCAST


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