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Lemon Chocolate


Let’ s celebrate the end of the school year with some special treat for your kids and yourself. This chocolate does not have any food coloring and the lemon flavor is all natural and home made from lemons!

Lemon chocolate


During my college and university studies I supported myself by baking cakes, cookies and making chocolate. One of my best sellers was green chocolate with Japanese powdered tea called matcha. I showed pictures of my chocolate to a friend and an idea came up. Lemon chocolate!!!
My priority was not to use food coloring and use only lemon to make the flavor.
So I did a little experiment and here’s the recipe. You can make 30 pieces from one bag of chocolate chips (each size 10 g) and you use 1/2 amount of the lemon concentrate (keep the other half in the fridge up to 2 weeks).

Green chocolate


4 lemons

4 tbs brown sugar (not the dark one)

1/2 cup water

1 bag (300 g) white chocolate chips (parve)



Wash the lemons and shred the peel. Boil on small flame the peel with water, sugar and juice from one lemon. After 3 min cooking separate the lemon peels from the liquid and keep cooking the liquid to reduce till you have about half the amount than at the beginning  and you will also see thick foamy bubbles appearing on the top of the pot (btw small pan for individual sunny side up eggs is the best for making this). Cut the lemon peel as small as you can (you can also blend it) and mix it with the reduced liquid.

Jasmine chocolate


Melt the chocolate chips in water bath (boil water in one pot and place smaller size of the pot with chocolate chips on the top of it). Mix half of the lemon concentrate with the melted chocolate chips and distribute the chocolate into two ice cube forms and freeze for about an hour.

If you don’t eat all the chocolate right away, keep it refrigerated.

Enjoy 🙂



pearl_d_evereuxPearl Devreux is from Czechoslovakia, and has lived in Europe, Miami, Florida, and currently resides in Israel. She jet-sets around a lot and eating only kosher food, she has thus developed and reformed a lot of her own European family specialties into recipes that are so easy,  you can even make some of them in a hotel room.  Nothing can stop Pearl in creating practical and yummy food that all of us can appreciate.  From her “Birthday Cake You Can Make Even with a Baby on Your Lap” and her ‘making Challah even in a Hotel Room’, Pearl is the down to earth,  ‘girl next door’, that we can all relate to.

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