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Lighten Up!


LIGHTEN UP!  airs LIVE every Monday at 5pm Israel time / 10am US Eastern Time.

WARNING:  This show is so funny, you may need to wear a diaper when listening!

Does the news get you down? Not with this former Stand-Up Comic! Embracing the philosophy that it’s better to laugh than cry, join hosts Steve Miller as he takes an irreverent look at the news from the Holy land and beyond.

STEVE MILLER spent 25 years in the entertainment industry as a professional comedian. He has toured all over the world entertaining millions of people. From Comedy clubs in Los Angeles and New York to the  U.S troops in the Middle East, Japan, Africa & South Korea. His style of comedy is auto biographical and he brings his life to the stage with pure honesty. In 2015 he had a life changing moment and decided to use his comedy and his new love of Torah, Israel and the Jewish people and somehow mesh the two together to inspire others to  also love Torah & Israel.  Currently he lives outside of the Philadelphia area in the United States with his wife & 2 Children and plans on eventually living in Israel before Moshiach (the Messiah) comes!

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