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News Anchor: Mordechai Shenker

Mordechai “Aryeh” Shenker

From being involved in the design of a few studios, training a stable of highly competent studio and production technicians, to hosting prime time afternoon drive hours, reading anchoring and writing newscasts, programming automated overnight music playlists, involved with one stations change of format to newstalk, and with a fair bit of voice over work, Mordechai has worn many hats in the radio, broadcast, and streaming industries. He was blessed early in his career to work at a few small radio stations where he played with almost all the the technical toys and loved learning what fun he could have with them.

A few stations where you might have heard him:
The Arutz Sheva Foreign Language Station’s English broadcast which later rebranded as Israel National Radio.
Briefly at the attempted startup station Galei Yerushalayim broadcasting terrestrially in New York though mostly based in their Jerusalem studio.
Wochit cloud video platform.
Radio West, an endearing all English language station in Jerusalem, unfortunately unable to achieve a permanent broadcast license.

Listeners in Colorado Springs, CO probably won’t remember him spinning vinyl records mostly precursors to alternative rock and hardcore punk rock very late night at KRCC.

If you hear something in a newscast that you want to say something about to Mordechai, please feel free to email him: