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Nibiru: How to Survive the Coming World Disaster Now

Will a large star or planet pass close enough to Earth where it will bring untold havoc to the world? INTR asks a popular Jewish blogger about what many people are talking about today.

*Will a large star or planet traveling close enough to Earth bring untold havoc and disaster to the world?  INTR asks a popular Jewish blogger regarding what many people are talking about today.

The Absolute Truth

By: Menachem Robinson

I have been asked by the good people at Israel News Talk Radio to give a summary about one of the most important topics being discussed these days: Nibiru.  I am a retired Electronics Engineer who has studied science for about 60 years.  I also am an observant Jew, living in Israel, who has studied the word of Hashem (G-d) for about 69 years.  I know that the One Who created the Laws of Physics, the Laws of Chemistry and the Laws of Biology is the Same One who wrote the Torah and created everything that exists, including us.  That was a loaded statement that lets us know that there is no discrepancy between the Torah and science and that all of science and mathematics is in Jewish scriptures – after all it came from the same Source.  I mention this since my many decades of scientific research on the subject of Nibiru is totally corroborated by the word of Hashem.

To begin, let me give some education on the subject.  For decades astronomers believed, mostly because of gravitational anomalies on the planets in our solar system, that there was a tenth planet (after Pluto was designated as the ninth planet in our solar system).  The tenth planet was named Planet X, X being the Roman numeral for 10.  Go to Wikipedia for many more details:

Also for many decades (I heard about it in the 1960’s) our sun was believed to be a companion star in a binary system, two suns with two solar system’s in orbit around each other:

In 1982 NASA saw this dwarf star companion to our sun and started to track its entry into our solar system.  In 1983 President Reagan signed Executive Order 12356 which made it Top Secret.  The reason for the EO, which has been continued by every president up to today, is beyond the scope of my message here, but I will touch upon some details below.  The Hubble Space Telescope was put up for the purpose of tracking this dwarf star.  The true purpose of the Hubble also was kept secret; prompting the lies to the public about deep space exploration (yes, they used it for that purpose as a cover-up for the truth).

That dwarf star with its accompanying 7 planets/moons is “Nibiru.”  Its approach, the devastation that it has already caused and will cause has been kept secret by NASA and professional astronomers around the world (those who blew the whistle on this horror have mysteriously disappeared).  Before the secrecy started, NASA did release pictures of Nibiru taken when it was still far away approaching our solar system.   Here is one such picture on my blog.

One of the things that helps perpetuate the confusion is that a red dwarf star, although a sun, appears more like a planet than a sun.  It does not have the approximate 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit surface temperature of our sun, but nonetheless still has a surface temperature of less than 4,000 Kelvin (6740.33 Fahrenheit).  It also is nowhere near the luminosity level of our sun.  Although the characteristics are different between our sun and a red dwarf sun, like Nibiru, it is obviously not a planet.

The great secrecy is all about the New World Order agenda of the global elite.  They are planning a Communist one world government where the remaining population of 500 million people will be slaves to the global elite who plan to own this world.  How will they get the population reduced by 93% to result in only 500 million?  They have instituted many efforts including the planning of a nuclear world war.  But they are very much relying on Nibiru to kill most of the world population, due to the devastating effects that Nibiru has and will continue to cause.  They therefore have kept us uninformed and in harm’s way with total secrecy.  They want to ensure that there is no preparation for us, while they go into their underground cities to survive (the finer details and even all the proof is beyond the scope of this writing).  Yes, the evil ones have a world war planned in case Nibiru doesn’t meet their evil expectations.

Due to the secrecy of Nibiru, there is great confusion in the world.  Most of what we are seeing in articles and YouTube videos are from amateurs who are only guessing at what they are seeing and its effects.  Credibility is lost since they don’t even know what to call it.  Mostly, it is being called Planet X or Nibiru Planet X.  NIBIRU AND PLANET X are two different heavenly bodies completely, and are not even in the same solar system.  The term came about because of the secrecy of Nibiru, and the fact that only amateur sky watchers were trying to report on the subject.  Since NASA and the global elite want to pretend Nibiru doesn’t exist, they perpetuated the names, Nibiru Planet X, Planet 7X, Planet 9, Planet 9X, Nemesis, Wormwood, Destroyer, Hercalubus; anything to fool the public and keep us uninformed (and in harm’s way).

Nibiru is about fourteen times the size of Earth.  How big is that?

There is so much debate as to whether Nibiru is even real, but that can only come from individuals who ignore all the devastation Nibiru has already caused (past tense).  Its approach has already caused tremendous chaos in the world and it will increase greatly as it approaches and flies by.  It is not just the star and its planets/moons but there also are millions of miles of space debris ahead and behind Nibiru.  We have already seen asteroids, meteors, rocks falling to earth in recent months.  But the closeness to Earth is proven by the many, many additional crazy phenomena being witnessed every day.  There has been a great increase in the number of severe earthquakes (there have been 30 to 50 earthquakes daily many over 5 in intensity and they don’t even make the news), tsunamis (including a massive tsunami in Brazil recently that didn’t even make the news), more active volcanic eruptions happening in a day than we used to have each year, crazy weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, fires, hot, cold, etc), sinkholes, massive amounts of fish and birds dying, a change in the position of the moon and the sun (do you remember the Man in the Moon?  Look at him now; he is about 90 degrees clockwise of where we used to see him), the effects coming from a great change in the magnetic fields on Earth (look at a compass and see where magnetic north is now; it is in a westerly direction), a change in the axis of the Earth, an anticipation of pole shift, a change in the levels of the seas around the world (global warming which is due to the increase in magma activity under the crust of the earth, not Al Gore), warnings from countries all over the world to get ready for disaster (without one country telling what the disaster is), a new warning of impending asteroids and meteors (is this telling us how close Nibiru is?) underground cities being occupied by the evil global elite (trillions of taxpayer money to save the evil leaders and kill the taxpayers), the FEMA concentration camps (about 800 in the US alone), etc, etc, etc (the list is too long for here; that was the worst run-on sentence that I ever wrote).

With all the secrecy involved with Nibiru, how are we to answer the most important questions?  When will this occur?  What devastation is in store?  And perhaps the most important question is: How do we and our loved ones survive.  Obviously, we can’t turn to the scientific community or our leadership or even the amateur individuals whose speculation is more varied than the any other source.  Who can we turn to for answers?  Hashem, the One Who is running the show (the One Who created Nibiru)!!!!

Nibiru is encoded in the Hebrew Bible 414 times in very significant places (with a letter separation up to 200).  There is an additional 47 places to be found with a slight spelling variation of Nibiru.  We know that the codes are real since they are in verses that are very specific about the subject and the close proximity to other pertinent information (why, when, etc).  This will become clearer as we get specific and see the messages that Hashem is obviously sending us.  It is important to realize that there is no mystery about any of this.  All that is happening in the world was told to us thousands of years ago.  It isn’t until now that we can see exactly what Hashem was telling us through His prophets, and even why He is doing everything this way.

The best verse in the Torah about Nibiru is Numbers 24:17, it is Balaam prophesying the Star of Jacob that will come in the end of days (Nibiru, 5776 and other information is encoded in the verse).  The commentary for that verse and the other verses before and after tells us that this devastating star is actually the Messiah coming.  The best way to understand this in our physical world is to explain other concepts that we have always heard.  It is brought down that when all the Jews repent, the Messiah will come.  I have heard people ask for years: Really, all the Jews will repent?  For an answer we can look at the first redemption when we left Egypt and came to Mount Sinai.  History repeats itself and one who studies Torah will find that everything in the Torah is 100% prophecy – every verse, every word, every letter, even the numerical value of every letter (another very involved topic).  When we came to Mount Sinai we all said “Na’aseh v’nishma,” “We will do and we will hear.”  In other words we all repented and agreed to keep all the commandments and statutes of the Torah and then we will study them to improve our performance.  In other words, we completely submitted to the will of Hashem.  How did that really happen?  We were scared to death since Hashem held the mountain over our heads.

Fast forward to now.  Hashem is about to hang a star over our heads that, by the way will be about 40 to 50 times the size of the moon.  The ground will be shaking; everything in the world will be in such chaos, we will all look up and say one word of repentance: “HELP!!!!”  “There are no atheists in foxholes,” is the popular expression.  When everyone who is still alive realizes we cannot turn to any leaders, governments, military, police, even clergy, but only Hashem, we will all repent and the Messiah will be introduced to the world.  That is Hashem’s plan.  It was foolproof at the first redemption, and it is the only way that all will turn to Hashem and be blessed with the worldwide redemption.

I mentioned that Hashem has given us all the answers in the prophecies of Jewish scriptures.  Let us ask more of our questions and see what Hashem’s answers are.

pixabay_tbit_asteroids-1017666_1280Who will survive?  The worldwide redemption is to end this world of testing and craziness and go into a time of complete peace and love.  It will be a time of no hatred, no war, no health problems, no death, no financial problems no conflict between nations and even individuals, no problems at all.  Sounds good?  It will actually be a world so tremendous it will be beyond our comprehension now.  Hashem will not be hidden behind nature, but will be totally available to us, especially with the third and final Temple.  We will also see the return of all the Jews and the lost tribes to our land, which will be greatly increased in size.

How do we know who will experience this paradise and who will be wiped out by Nibiru?   We turn to Zechariah 13:8 which tells us that 2/3rd of the world population will be wiped out and 1/3rd will survive. This means that 2/3rd of the world population, which is about 5 billion people, will not survive the devastation coming up and 1/3rd or about 2.5 billion will survive.  How do we know who is in each group?  We refer to the prophet Malachi at the end, just before we are told that Elijah the prophet will come before that “great and awesome day of Hashem.”  The wording before tells of a Star that will come and heal the righteous and wipe out the wicked.  So the 2.5 billion are the righteous that will be worthy of Hashem’s goodness and the others will be gone.  What makes one worthy of Hashem’s goodness to survive and thrive and avoid the great devastation?  Those who turn to Hashem completely.   This is another long subject, but we know that all Jews who repent (which means making positive changes in one’s life to live as Hashem wants), pray regularly, give charity willingly, help others, study the words of Hashem, do all the commandments (for a Jew there is 613 commandments in the Torah), they are good to go to an eternity beyond belief.  Since there are about 14 million Jews in the world and we are told that 2.5 billion will survive, that means that there are over 2 billion righteous non-Jews who will reap the goodness of Hashem.  All they have to do is the list of requirements that the Jew has but only 7 commandments (the 7 Noachide categories of commandments for non-Jews; another subject too involved for here).

For Illustrative purposes only
For Illustrative purposes only

One problem that I have in covering this subject is that I cannot even come close to stressing the enormity of the subject the tremendous amount of proof that I have seen over decades of research.  I have hundreds of sources that are all consistent in telling us what has happened and what is coming up.  Also, with the statistical analysis idea, there is nothing that I have covered that doesn’t have a myriad of proofs behind it.  As an example, every passage that I mentioned above has Nibiru, 5776, Elul, the name of the Messiah and much more encoded in the verses and all is totally consistent with my many other sources such as Rabbis, Mekubalim (mystical Rabbis), the Facilitated Communications individuals and even what I call dot connecting.  I compare verses of prophecy to what is happening in the world to verify total validity to it all.   Since everything that has happened or is happening now was told to us thousands of years ago, I just connect the dots and see that it is all true and that what is about to happen is all consistent and valid according to the word of Hashem.  I have stated many times that I am not a prophet, but it is very easy and even obvious when you see prophecy unfolding in the world every day.  One gains complete confidence that Hashem is sending us messages of the absolute truth.

One more question to answer to which I already have alluded. When?  All of scriptures (way too many places to talk about here), all coded information, all messages from all my sources (which to me is Hashem telling us), all say 5776, this year.  The best indication that this year is valid is that Nibiru is very close and will be flying by with all its debris within weeks, if not days.  The fact that many governments around the world, who are not telling us why, are telling us to prepare for great disaster, says a lot.  Have extra food, water, medical supplies, etc.  It sounds humane but these are the same leaders who are hoping we will be in harm’s way and not survive.  A little side note: they will all be part of the 2/3rd group; it’s part of Hashem’s plan.

Do we really have less than two weeks for the world to completely be devastated and all that population gone? I hate to sound cold, but the proof is so overwhelming that one would be a fool to be skeptical and have a “wait and see” attitude.  If all you think of yourself and your loved ones as a gamble that Hashem’s messages don’t pertain to you or that all will be business as usual and nothing will happen, open up your eyes and see that it is already happening and getting worse.  This is not rocket science.   It is so obvious that the world is not the same as it was a month ago, even a week ago.  If you are willing to throw away a tremendous eternity for yourself and all who look at you for guidance on a hunch that this is not happening, you are more than a fool.  Simply turning to Hashem and following all His instructions is the ticket to survival, happiness and total success – it is guaranteed in writing.

Note: I have been covering all this and much more on my blog: “The Absolute Truth,” and my book with the same name.  I have written over 1200 pages in close to 590 posts over the past 54 months.  I am being read in 187 countries and have a translation capability on my blog, if English is not your native language. If what I said above was not enough proof for you to want to save your life, go to my blog and read until you are confident that Hashem is the only answer to this dilemma and all of your problems.  Even though my book is available from and Barnes and Noble, I suggest that you go to my blog and order the electronic copy on Email directly from me; top right column of the blog page.  It is still only $5 and gives you access to my private Email to ask any question that plagues you.

*This blog post is the opinion of the blogger and not necessarily that of Israel News Talk Radio [INTR].

menachem-robinsonMenachem Robinson lives with his  family (wife, children and grandchildren in Israel).  He is a retired Electronics Engineer and US Army Officer who studied scriptures for 68 years and science for 59 years on three different continents.  With 16 years of full and part time college studies in Engineering, general science, Psychology, Sociology and business.  He is the author of the popular and world-wide read blog, The Absolute Truth.  You can order his book of the same name, from or an electronic copy, the best value through clicking the “Buy Now” button on the top of the right hand column on his blog here.



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