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Op-Ed: Donald Trump – The most pro-Israel and Jewish Presidential Candidate in American History

Trump’s policy should be every candidates’ policy. Let Israel run itself.

Opinion Piece:

by David Weissman

The United States presidential elections are one of the most talked about subjects around the world today.  The reason being, the American President is potentially one of the most influential positions in the world if performed the way it is meant to be.  I feel that Donald Trump is the most pro-Israel candidate in history and here is why.

Donald Trump has numerous Jewish advisers on his team to advise him about Israel, unlike his rival whose adviser is from the Muslim brotherhood who are a terrorist organization and an enemy of America and Israel.

What better way to understand the region of Israel and the people by hiring experts on the matter?   Trump’s policy should be every candidates’ policy.  Let Israel run itself.  There is nothing wrong with being neutral to all people in Israel.  Reason being as Trump stated many times Israelis and Palestinians want peace.  This is true, Israel is not in conflict with the regular Arab who goes to work every day to provide for their family.  He knows Israel, just like America, is at war with terrorist organizations that have political agendas of wiping out the Jewish state.  I.E. Hamas, Hezbollah.

Donald Trump, unlike Hillary Clinton, is for Jewish homes being built.  Hillary Clinton is quite clear with her agenda which is similar to Barrack Obama’s agenda being that a 2 state solution must happen and with that it would be suicide for Israel because it puts Israel in a vulnerable position where it would be forced to give up more land for “peace”.  History has shown every time Israel gives an inch of land for peace, Radical Islamic terror organizations like Hamas takes a mile for terror. Trump also understands where terrorism starts. The brainwashing children at a very young age to hate the Jewish people. He makes it clear that needs to stop.  Clinton can’t even utter the words radical Islam.

If you need more convincing, Donald Trump has donated to Israeli Emergency teams and to the IDF.   He also condemns anti-Semitism and his actions show it.  He saw Jews in America being denied access to country clubs and filed a lawsuit against it.  He also opened country clubs for Jewish and Black Americans.   Besides the fact, his own family converted to Judaism or married Jews. What more proof do you need?  Sometimes you need to ignore biased media that only talks about a few anti-Semitic supporters because, let’s face it, anti-Semitism is everywhere so look at the fact Donald Trump is not.  Again if you are an American Jew either in America or Israel please think about your vote, look at the facts, not biased media.


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