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OP-ED: Don’t Worry About the US Elections

So many people are in tears over the loss of Hillary. They were promised euphoria. That’s why we think, or fear, Donald Trump will destroy the world. We were promised Armageddon.

It has been a week since the elections. Those who chose Clinton are self-medicating with Prozac and Pecan Praline while those who opted for Trump are still being peeled from the ceilings. As the 18 month reality show concludes its run, We are all on pins and needles about what happens next.

Relax. A president Hillary wouldn’t have made you that happy, and a President Trump won’t make you that miserable.

The Meam Loez, a magnum opus on the entire Bible, warns us that serving a king on earth does not change us in any significant manner. When we do a deed for a president, or a former candidate, nothing about us changes.

Simply because we invested so much of our time and energy into something doesn’t mean that the results, good or bad, will match the magnitude of our efforts.

It may be scary to realize that Hillary would not have solved our biggest problems, but is should be equally as soothing to understand that President Trump won’t make them worse.

We are still at the helm of our own destiny. Nobody took it away.

Ask yourself this: In 2008, when you voted for Obama for the first time, how did you expect this to change your life? If you didn’t vote for him, what did you think would happen to you?

Did it happen?

So why be so concerned about the outcome of this election?

A national leader’s job is to provide for the material needs of the people of the country. He works to secure the borders from enemy nations, to expand the economy, and raise the standard of living.

Leaders don’t exist to make you happy. They don’t exist to uplift your spirit. They inspire in times of national crisis, but outside of that, they don’t personally reach out to make you a better person.

The reality that governed before the elections is the same absolute that conquers all: one act of service to the True King will do more for our well-being than a thousand acts for any leader on earth. What we do in life to become stronger, more inspired, and better people is the only thing that impacts us – especially in a free society where the reach of the leader is intentionally limited.

Thirty years ago, you read about the elections in the paper, and you saw something on the evening news. At most, 15 minutes were dedicated to what was happening. You invested an appropriate amount of yourself in the process, and the results had a proportional impact on your well-being.

Today, social media and smartphones have managed to blind all of us.

Information from all over the world is constantly being beamed into our front pockets. Alerts, updates, and shares light up our screens, forcing us to spend hours each day on a single event. Something of significance in one part of the world digitally snowballs into the greatest tectonic shift in the galaxy. The sheer volume of articles, commentaries, and viral videos programs inside us a subconscious warning to brace for an all-encompassing metamorphosis.

That’s why so many people are in tears over the loss of Hillary. They were promised euphoria. That’s why we think, or fear, Donald Trump will destroy the world. We were promised Armageddon.

Neither was ever going to happen.

Here is the good news: With the elections over, we all have at least 2 hours a day with which we can do other things. It’s up to us to use them wisely.


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