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OPINION: A Clear and Present Danger

by Katherine Hans Von Rotes Schild Zilter-Rothschild

Many of my  great-grandfather’s relatives  perished in the holocaust, so I am always concerned about the existence [and safety] of the people of Israel.  This is especially true at this moment in time because the nation of Israel and the Jewish people are under overt attack from armies and terrorists and for these we need armies and intelligence organizations.


Yet there is  a more stealthy covert war going on and it involves the demonization of Israel and the Jewish people. This demonization is carried out by NGOs and nonprofit groups such as the Arab Resource Center, ANSWER Coalition, La Raza and many more.  What is dangerous about these groups is that they have been infiltrated by antisemites and jihadists who use the veneer of “doing good” in the community. This gives them the cover of “doing good” and getting close to people in need so that they can influence them to become anti-Israel or antisemitic. Just a case in point, I remember a conversation that I had with a female member of a non profit organization who was very active with the “flotilla to Gaza” and was also planning to climb over the Israel border a few years ago.


On many occasions, I have been able to infiltrate some of these groups and recently when a Palestinian Activists name Zelad Abbas Shamrouch  came to San Francisco to give a speech at the ANSWER Center I was able to secretly record what he was saying. This was dangerous because ANSWER does not allow “unauthorized recording.”  The room was filled to capacity and some in the audience had connections with ANTIFA and many others had jihadist leanings. During the meeting I was able to secretly record the speech and share it with my associates so that we can better counter Palestinian arguments. Base on my experience, one thing is clear,  our enemies tend to say different things to different people and they sometimes sugar their hated for Israel in social justice language, but the objective is the same – they want no Israel.


About the author:
Born in San Francisco of a banker from Germany and a mother from England with  British-Israeli citizenship,  KR grew up in Europe in the Barnard Castle area. She has a doctorate in physics and theology.
Books published: The Physics of Thought, and currently writing, ‘Towards a Moral Society’.  She has done paramilitary training and mix martial arts.

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