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Howie Silbiger is a seasoned journalist who has covered a myriad of stories over a quarter century. For years, Howie’s name has been familiar as he covered everything from terrorism to child abuse.

Howie’s career started at a Montreal weekly newspaper at 14 years old, where he was tasked to write a weekly column about the goings-on at high schools across the city. In 2001, Howie joined 1650 AM Radio Shalom Montreal, North America’s only 24 hour Jewish radio station. Howie created the live call-in ‘Howie Silbiger Show’, the station’s highest rated English Program. Howie broke the biggest stories and talked about issues that were being ignored in the Montreal Jewish Community.
Howie has also worked for CJAD 800 AM, the number one English news/talk radio station in Montreal. His tasks at CJAD included producing various shows, filling in as a replacement reporter in the newsroom and writing and eventually co-hosting the Jack Finnigan Quiz Show. He also worked as a replacement DJ on Virgin 96 FM and CHOM 97.7 FM..
In April 2011, Howie hosted the first Canadian Federal Mount Royal Candidates Debate. In attendance were all the major candidates running in the Canadian Federal Mount Royal riding. The Debate, covered by three newspapers, set off a firestorm, revealing information that dogged the Conservative candidate throughout the election and contributed to the victory of the Liberal candidate.
In 2015, during a fiercely fought Canadian election campaign, the Conservative Candidate boycotted ‘The Howie Silbiger Show’ debate and subsequently lost the election.
Howie is not afraid to tackle any topic, talk to any guest or broach any issue. His goal is the betterment of the Jewish religion, the worldview on Israel and the Jewish people.
If you cross the line, Howie, the political hitman, will have you in his sights.

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