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Preliminary Election Result Weigh-In – with Tamar Yonah [audio] 🎧

Hear the first preliminary results from Israel’s 23rd Knesset Elections!
Also, what it is like to vote when you are under a voluntary quarantine for the Coronavirus, and afterwards, why someone would vote for a political party that was not expected to pass the threshold to get into the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament.

Tamar speaks with Yisrael Medad, former parliamentary aide to members of Knesset, former member of the Central Elections committee, Jerusalem Post columnist and blogger at

‘Annette’, a voter under voluntary self-Quarantine after returning from a trip to Thailand, who had to vote at a special voting station for people under possible suspicion of carrying the coronavirus.

And lastly, Dina Moskowitz , an administrator of the facebook group for ‘Anglos for Otzma Yehudit’

Preliminary Election Result Weigh-In 02MARCH2020 – PODCAST