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REINVENTION! Starting Over in Israel – Pull Up a Chair [audio] 🎧

Israel is rife with brave souls who, when confronted with the tart-lemons of making ends meet, have rolled-up their sleeves and mastered the art of ‘lemonade.’

Along with bits of her own personal tale, Andrea speaks with the delightful Paul Serkin aka ‘Paul-the-PC-Guy’ who – in the old days – was responsible for bringing institutions like Bellevue and Montefiore hospital into the digital age and today is a highly respected one-on-one technology teacher and coach in Jerusalem.

She also introduces her friend and former sister-in-law Debbie Siman-Tov who serves as a superb example of someone who reinvented herself after years of being a stay at home wife and mother. Having never earned a paycheck, with the support of a loving community, the newly divorced Debbie worked nights until she eventually became an accomplished administrator at Emunah Women International. Her story is both riveting and familiar to so many women who are unprepared for a ‘gear-shift’ as they stand at the cusp of middle age.

Pull Up a Chair 02Nov2017 – PODCAST

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