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Staged News Events & Fake News – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio] 🎧

Get ready for sparring, tumbling and rumbling with her guest, Prof. Francisco Gil-White from Hear what he says and writes regarding the chemical attack on civilians in Syria (he claims it was staged by the Jihadis). Find out what he says are the reasons behind putting on this great ‘show’ to deceive and invite further violence into the region. -An important show that will force you to think!

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14 Comments on Staged News Events & Fake News – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio] 🎧

  1. I love and have the utmost respect for prof gil-white BUT he did say Trump would not move the embassy to Jerusalem, right? So now I don’t 100% believe everything he says the way I once did


    Thank you for your comment, Betsy. I will take this opportunity to respond as I believe it is important to place the embassy move in perspective.

    First, I think your policy not to believe me 100% is excellent! It is what I always recommend to all of my readers and students. And I think they should apply the same policy to other sources of information. The best policy is always to apply skepticism and to check everybody’s logic amd sources. If you were expecting me to be 100% right you had an unreasonable faith in me. So if one failed prediction had the effect of turning on the skepticism, I can only celebrate.

    That said, my predictions in general haven’t done too badly. And this prediction in particular was not too important, something that I also said. I was careful to say that if Trump announced an embassy move, that would come at a price for Israel, because Trump would not abandon the US government push on behalf of PLO/Fatah. As we’ve seen, far from endorsing the sovereignty movemenet in Israel, Trump used the embassy move to return to the Oslo track, and is now demanding that Isael cede certain Jerusalem neighborhoods.

    The most important prediction was not about the embassy, but about the general policy orientation of the US government. The public narrative has to change with Trump, because he projects a different personality. It’s in the nature of the show. But underlying those cosmetic changes, I have said, is the underlying reality: policy-wise, Trump is really Obama.

    Trump was supposed to confront Iran? What happened? He is letting Iran swallow Syria. He makes noises to confuse you. For example, he announces that he gets out of the Iran nuclear deal. But that only matters if he declares war on Iran. He won’t do that. Or not, at least, before Iran destroys Israel.

    • To see Trump as just another obama after placing hopes in the new president? I’m not sure I can do that.
      I will go to your site though. What a drastic shift in perception this entails!

  3. Thank you for your reply. You’ve given me, not just a lot to think about but, a lot I do not want to think about or believe. Very difficult stuff

  4. As a non jew, looking at this from far, i cannot fault prof Gil White assertions. I think its clear for those who want to see. There is no way the Iranians would dare attack Israel if the American Israeli alliance was as tight as it is portrayed.

  5. Francisco Gil-White makes predictions based on his (manifestly false) thesis that Trump’s foreign policy is pro-Iranian and when Trump takes an action that contradicts one of Gil-White’s predictions, Gil-White claims he always said that prediction was unimportant or otherwise tries to avoid the obvious conclusion: that his thesis is wrong.

    Case in point: in a previous Tomar Yonah program, Gil-White firmly predicted that Trump would stall on setting a date for moving the embassy to Jerusalem, thereby effectively keeping it in Tel Aviv. But, in fact, not only did Trump set a firm date, said date was much sooner than anyone expected. What does Gil-White say? He falsely claims he always said the embassy move was unimportant.

    Case in point: In one of his opinion pierces on his website, Gil-White favorably quoted Vox stating that Trump had “given no indication that he was actually prepared to walk away from the nuclear pact and reimpose sanctions on Tehran.” Vox wrote that this befuddled many people, but, wrote Gil-White, “It all squares nicely with HIR’s predictions (*we* are not befuddled).” Aside from Gil-White’s pompous “We” — pompous because in fact every article on Hirhome has Gil-White’s by-line — the obvious corollary of Gil-White’s support for Vox’s assertion that by NOT cancelling the deal and reinstituting sanctions, Trump would be showing he is the same as Obama — the obvious corollary is that by cancelling the deal and reinstituting the harshest possible sanctions Trump has sharply broken with Obama’s policy.

    Moreover, regarding Gil-White’s claim that Trump wants Iran to destroy Israel, several hours after Gil-White wrote those words Israel bombed Iran’s installations in Syria back into the stone age, and, according to Israeli leaders, this was done following consultations with the white house. Meaning, with Trump’s approval. Publicly, the white house strongly supported the attacks, which dealt a shattering blow to Iran’s strategic presence in Syria.

    And Trump’s approval of the attacks on Iranian forces in Syria has dealt another shattering blow to Gil-White’s preposterous notion that Trump’s policy towards Iran is the same as Obama’s.

      • Five and a half days ago, I wrote a comment (above), stating that Francisco Gil-White was ludicrously wrong to claim Trump has the same policy towards Iran as Obama, ludicrously wrong and also dishonest when his supposedly scientific predictions are shown to be dead wrong.

        I spent perhaps five minutes writing that comment. Gil-White’s reply, written in a style reminiscent of the character Teddy, in “Arsenic and Old Lace,” (you know, the character who believes he is Teddy Roosevelt) was: “Excellent! Nothing better than a debate with Jared Israel, a worthy opponent. I shall prepare a reply.”

        Ahh. “I shall prepare a reply.”

        Before I depart this vale of tears from old age awaiting Gil-White’s reply, let me tell you a few things about Francisco Gil-White.

        Gil-White’s core idea — that Western establishments have been supporting the Iranian mullahs for almost 40 years — comes from me. I wrote a series of articles making that point in 2002-2003, when, foolishly, I had Gil-White as my assistant at When I threw him out, both because he was pushing antisemitic theories (such as that the American Zionist leadership wanted the Holocaust!) and because he was falsifying data, he started his own website, trying to brand himself (he is an expert on branding – that’s his actual academic specialty) as a super-scientific historian.

        Since then, to the ideas he got from me, which he has distorted and transformed into dogmas, he has added a few ideas of his own, such as the whacky notion that what leaders say does not matter, only what they spend a lot of money on does. Hence, he claims that Nikki Haley’s fiercely pro-Israel performance at the UN does not matter. Trump’s moving of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem (which Gil-White once said Trump would not do, thus demonstrating that Trump is a phony) does not matter. Trump’s cancelling of the Iran nuclear deal (the failure to do which Gil-White once said proved Trump was a phony) does not matter because he has not gone to war with Iran, and won’t do so until after Iran destroys Israel.

        This is not scientific thinking, as some who are overly impressed by people with the title “professor” might think. This is quackery.

        A few thoughts:

        A) Implicit in Gil-White’s stance is that Iran can destroy Israel. This must be based on his super-scientific knowledge of military matters, far beyond that of us mere mortals, who just observed Israel destroying most of Iran’s infrastructure in Syria, without Iran apparently being able to do a thing about it.

        B) Attacking Iran proper is serious business. Gil-White lusts for it. I (and most other staunch opponents of the mullahs) hope it can be avoided. The best way to deal with the mullahs is to smash their infrastructure in Syria, punish their economy and strongly support the rebellious Iranian people, the bravest heroes in the world. Bombing Iran would have the undesired effect of killing many of those heroic anti-Islamists!

        C) Much of the Western establishment certainly IS pro-mullah. Hence the hysterical attacks on Trump. I certainly cannot predict that Trump will continue in his present fiercely anti-mullah course of action. But if he fails, it will NOT be because the steps he has taken — including supporting Israel’s near-destruction of Iran’s military infrastructure in Syria — were just for show, as Gil-White idiotically pontificates.

  6. The embassy move is a trick, what we call in Spanish “pañito de agua tibia”, the real danger for Jews and our western democracy is the application of the Oslo “peace” process (or final solution which is the same), which is still a priority in the US agenda no matter the new president, and the legitimization of the Palestinian Authority 🤮

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