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Super-Moon Watching Tonight!


Tonight, November 14, 2016,  in Israel, and almost everywhere else on the planet, you’ll be able to get a wonderful view of the moon, since it is so close to earth.

In Israel, you will want to head outside and look to the east, at around 6pm-ish, even a bit before, when it is supposed to be the best time to view it the biggest, brightest and closest to earth.  If you are viewing it from America tonight, it probably shown brightest yesterday, November 13th, but you can still see it tonight as well …in the morning hours before sunrise.

Remember that the moon will rise in the east around sunset, it will then climb to its highest height in the sky around midnight, and will then set in the west around sunrise.

Well, you might not see the Man on the Moon, or even if the moon is made of cheese,  but you will enjoy an awesome sight as the moon has not been so close to earth since 1948, and won’t be this close to earth again until November 25, 2034.




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