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Take Back Gaza! – BULLETPROOF [audio] 🎧

Should Israel go back into Gaza and take it over? Or should Israel let the Hamas terrorist organization continue to rule there?



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1 Comment on Take Back Gaza! – BULLETPROOF [audio] 🎧

  1. Salam Ari,

    1) Hamas was politically elected even though I dislike democracy because its against the law of the Torah and Quran the gaza strip has to have a movement that is protected by a Islamic faction that is sunni/salafi/athari and that which protects its citizens.

    2) The palestenian people have lived under oppression for decades even though my alligence is to palestenian people is because of my religion Islam I dont like arab nationalism and Hamas is the only non nationalist party which supports muslims around the world.

    3) Yes I agree with you Ari that two state solution is part of the problem the solution is a caliphate with jerusalem as its capital. Where jews and muslims can live peacefully like they did andulisa where it was the jewish golden age under Islamic rule untill the crusadeers destroyed peace.

    4) Hezbollah is shia they are rafida they are not upon orthodoxy and are certainly not affiliated with Hamas. You have to understand that we have to have the law of God upon the earth otherwise there will be corruption on the earth like we see today.

    5) You have to take in consideration that the people of gaza are under poverty so violence flourishes in ghettos its not linked with Islam rather its linked with unemployment and angry youth who have dont have identity they are stuck between Arab nationalism or Islam. Its upon Isreal to have mercy upon the people of Gaza.

    Kind regards
    Hamza Ghani

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