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Tamar Yonah Show – Skepticism If Trump & Netanyahu Will Really Defeat Terror [audio] ?

They SAY. But do they DO?
Will U.S. President Trump really follow an anti-jihadist and pro-Israel foreign policy? Why the skepticism? Professor Francisco Gil-White from Historical and Investigative Research( ) has written two articles documenting and explaining the ‘behind the scenes’ taking place on the world stage. He asks: Can Trump (assuming he wants to) transform US foreign policy in the Middle East? To get a sense for how difficult this might be, we must appreciate how traditional the pro-jihadi policy has been. (It wasn’t just Obama.)
Listen to this fascinating and sometimes argumentative interview with Prof. Gil-White & Tamar Yonah

Check out his must-read articles here:

Will Trump Be Different?


Can Trump Buck the Trend?

Tamar Yonah Show 21Feb2017 – PODCAST


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1 Comment on Tamar Yonah Show – Skepticism If Trump & Netanyahu Will Really Defeat Terror [audio] ?

  1. I listened to the 21 feb show with f. gil-white. Good for you that you pushed back against the accusations against Bibi. I’m now 70 years old and I was around and totally aware of the ’91 conference. And it was Perski and Beilin who broke the law against dealing with the enemy PLO. Bibi had little to do with the outcome as did Shamir because the whole conference itself was “served-up” by the Globalists to purposely inject the poison(PLO) into the heartland of Israel.

    Listen, Perski was an agent of Rome. And the fact that the conference was held in Madrid is a great eyeopener, why? because the king of Spain at that time was Juan Carlos II who held the title among others of the King of Jerusalem – and that is a Vatican bestowed “glory.”

    So this guy f. gil-white is now very suspect in my sight as an agent of the Romans as well for he likely has a Roman Catholic background making some influence in his thinking, life, or politics.

    And as for Bibi and his dealings with the two-state “solution” I really think that he is playing the other side by toying with them up to and until the brimstone hits the fan. In Bibi’s soul there will be no two-state “solution” and most Israelis perceive this correctly. Anyway that is my personal analysis.

    I personally will not listen to any criticism of Bibi. I have seen the man speak and he references the Bible with his faith on display.

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