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Tamar Yonah Show – Where the #!&*!$! is Balochistan and Why Should I Care?

You should care, because in yet another conflict on the globe, people are being killed. Instead, the world’s focus is on the Arab-Israeli conflict with the Palestinian Authority, and your tax dollars go to prop up and support the continuation of a dispute that could have been settled decades ago.

There are many aspirations for independence and statehood around the world, and it doesn’t have to be awarded to terrorists in the Palestinian Authority. There are more peaceful, secular Muslims in Balochistan who want to break away from Pakistan and its abuse of the Baloch people. Pakistan holds anti-American sentiments and refuses to recognize Israel. So why isn’t the West and the rest of the world supporting their freedom movement to help moderate the Islamic world?

Tamar interviews the head of the Baloch Republican Party, Mr. Brahumdagh Bugti, on the Baloch fight for independence from Pakistan.

Check out their website:

Tamar Yonah Show 06Jun- PODCAST

6 Comments on Tamar Yonah Show – Where the #!&*!$! is Balochistan and Why Should I Care?

  1. well done Tamar Yonah Show , we Baloch Nation looking forward or ahead conducted for an interview regarding Baloch Nation and Balochistan must be visible in the world my self and my family all of them got political asylum in South Korea. if you want to know current situation Baloch Nation and Occupied Balochistan kindly try to keep in touch with me and i am looking forward for positive response by you and your admiminstration as soo as fast.Pakistanis can not speak our language ,our culture is not same , our food the way we cook it is not same with pakistani and our cloths are not same too etc etc .

  2. Thank you Tamar for this great interview.
    It was nostalgic for me, as I used to live in Pakistan. Every summer holiday from school, my family would go to Quetta for a holiday. I had an Aunt and Uncle there, and they would take us to many places for picnics, and one beautiful place was Ziarat.
    Sad to hear what is happening.
    I wish your guest all the best, and may God bless all who seek to live in harmony with each other.

  3. Thank You So Much my dear Tamar Yonah,Please carry on this job because what we are doing is a Nobal Cause for Baloch Nation as we as for Global Peace

  4. Wow, Tamar. So glad you brought Baluchistan into the spotlight. I have been there. The southern coast is an incredible desert like landscape where few westerners have set foot. Alexander the Great passed through this desert on his way back to Greece; losing most of his men along the way. It is a harsh yet beautiful, the people are friendly and sincere. The northern areas are mountainous and have one of the most beautiful Juniper forests in the world. All the best to the people of Baluchistan and to you, Tamar.

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