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The Outcome of the Death of Ari Fuld – Political Hitman [audio] 🎧

We take callers and talk about the family of the Arab Terrorist.



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2 Comments on The Outcome of the Death of Ari Fuld – Political Hitman [audio] 🎧

  1. What was their motive? Was it a ploy to save their home and an insurance policy? To get liberals to take up their cause? Like you said they have lots to lose and don’t want to lose it This is mufdding Waters. Opening a door to Pandora’s box. Do you really take responsibility away from parents over their kids? If you don’t follow through with this you’ll weaken and nullify a deterrent to terrorism.

  2. What if their motive was to stop a terror attack? What if their son told them what he intended to do and they were horrified and did everything in their power to stop it?

    Reports say that the father got into a physical altercation with his son, possibly physically trying to stop this attack?

    I’m not jaded nor am I blind. I believe that there are some good Arabs living in Israel, some that just want peace and quiet to raise their families. I refuse to lump them all in the same category of enemy.

    When parents go out of their way to try and stop their offspring from committing murder, I think they should be recognized for their bravery.

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