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The Tamar Yonah Show – Can the SYRIAN KURDS be the KEY to Obliterating ISIS? [audio] ?

If western democracies were smart, they’d arm and aid Syria’s Kurds, and together fight ISIS as well as all the others in the axis of evil. Also, should Syria or parts of the mid-east be turned into the NEW Kurdistan? Guest, Dr. Sherkoh Abbas, President of the
Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria tells Tamar Yonah what’s happening in the Syrian-Turkish region, as well as the best way to beat ISIS and other dangerous groups fighting there. Check out their website:

Also, a LIVE report from the AIPAC conference in Washington with guest, Rudy Rochman. Rudy is an IDF Paratrooper in the reserves, and heads the ‘Students Supporting Israel’ activism group on Columbia University’s campus. He shares his observations and gives his commentary on the general atmosphere at the convention.
And then the most important question that Tamar asks (tongue in cheek) about a video greeting by PM Netnayahu where he looked much younger… “Did BIBI dye his hair?” See the video on Tamar’s public facebook page.
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And last, the legendary Lenny Solomon, founder of the Jewish rock group ‘Shlock Rock’ comes on the show and talks about his music, the history of Shlock Rock, and his new project, the 4 Corners Project. Find out why Jewish education and unity today is so vitally important!

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