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The Tamar Yonah Show – “I Was Arrested on the Temple Mount” [audio] 🎧

A man and a woman talk about their separate arrests for something as simple as uttering a prayer on the Temple Mount, or talking back to an abusive Muslim man who was harassing her and her group. Why? And how can it be stopped?

Join Tamar as she interviews Yaacov Hayman, chairman of The Temple Mount Heritage Foundation, Friends of the Temple Mount, and The Yishai Organization for the Establishment of Synagogues on the Temple Mount. He was arrested and tells his story.

Also, Jenni Menashe (mother of six children) is a tour operator specializing in the Old City, and is a senior guide at the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.
She runs a business called ‘Israel Simcha Central‘, where she plans events and personalized itineraries and tailor made tours. She talks about her arrest on the Temple Mount, and how it was done.

The Tamar Yonah Show 18July2017 – PODCAST


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