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The Tamar Yonah Show – Our First Hate Call to the Radio Station

My, My, My, how testy some people are. Right before the show, Israel News Talk Radio received its first ‘hate’ phone call frםm an Arab named Farok, who had a vocabulary of one word, the F-word, over and over again.  They say you know you’ve ‘made it’ when you draw attention, good OR bad.  So…. love Israel or hate Israel, people are calling in and listening from all over the planet! And we welcome everyone.  So, how is it that Jews can love all races, creeds and people from different religions, while others are raised on hate and violence? Tamar tells you the secret that the Jewish People know which lets us love every human being.

Also, what can the Israeli government do better to prevent terror in Israel? Arie Egozi, a defense expert and the editor in chief of Israel Home Land Security, tells Tamar the steps the government has to take.

Lastly, what is it like living in a small town that has to be patrolled with search/rescue and attack dogs? Devorah L. Kalani describes her dramatic and life-saving times here in Israel in her book ‘When G-d Asks Me‘.

Originally aired: March 15, 2016