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The Tamar Yonah Show – The Passover Shopping Wars Between Men & Women [audio] ?

Don’t buy that, we don’t need it! Have you ever had that clash with your spouse while shopping in the store or online when ordering?
We’re going to talk about the differences between men and women, and how they shop, because A LOT OF SHOPPING is going to be done these next couple of weeks in preparation for the Passover holiday, and we want things to go smoothly and lovingly for a wonderfully spiritual Passover holiday with our family and guests. Leah Aharoni, an Israeli business consultant, and an expert in marketing to women
explains the differences between how men and women shop.
When we can understand the differences, it helps to reduce tension in the home.Check out her website at: www.LoveYour.Biz

Also, Tamar covers some of the topics her facebook followers want to hear about, and there are plenty!

The Tamar Yonah Show 26March2017 – PODCAST


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1 Comment on The Tamar Yonah Show – The Passover Shopping Wars Between Men & Women [audio] ?

  1. When I need to do some serious (food) shopping I DO NOT go with hubby! Otherwise I get drowned out with “don’t buy that “I” don’t need it”. Constant chirping in my ear. Here I thought that it was my unique burden, with a husband who shops the opposite of me, doesn’t bring home what I asked (and put on the list) for but what “he” thought was better, and in huge quantities (with no place to put it). So much for menus? Thank you for having this unique show! Great idea!

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