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Yipes! Shopping Zombies

Today, as tens of thousands of Israelis did, I went shopping for food for Shabbat and the Rosh HaShana holiday. Needless to say, it was a mad-house at the grocery store. EVERYONE in Israel is shopping early to bake and prepare all the food needed for the upcoming Shabbat and Rosh HaShana holiday.  However, I was smart. I knew what a royal pain it was when you don’t shop at just the right time.  So I left at 7:45am this morning to get to the store, to make it inside just before 8am. When I got there, there were still some parking spaces, and lots of shopping carts available. But by the time I finished shopping an hour or so later, I looked back and saw that the  check out lines were going half way down the food aisles.  Walking out to my car, I then entered into a surreal world… there were people were roaming around the parking lot like zombies.  Why? They were in desperate need of …a shopping cart.  People were zombilly walking up to me, and others exiting the store, if they could puleeze have their shopping carts.  I of course said yes (and I had two full carts) but told them I need to unload my stuff into the car first.  And so I and others were pursued by these slow walking zombies to our cars. It’s so weird unloding your cart’s contents into your car, with people standing there in a wide-eyed zombie fassion watching and waiting to pounce and eat you (oops, I mean take your cart).
Welcome to Zombie land, because in the Jewish state, EVERYONE is shopping now. LOL
HAPPY and Delicious New Year to you all!

1 Comment on Yipes! Shopping Zombies

  1. Cute and Sweet Tamar,
    This is how headlines would be if i had my own Newspaper.


    Famous show host Tamar Yonah, from INTR, managed by the wit of her smile and charm, escape Zombies form Zombie.. i mean.. from a famous Mall, that was taken over by mostly female Zombies.

    Yes she managed to escape .. and get home exhausted, but happy, to the relief of her famiy.

    More to come..
    Uh.. after New Year.


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