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A Hebrew in the Heartland – 50 Years to the Liberation of the Heartland [audio] 🎧

Mazal Tov! Its Wedding Season in Israel. Over the past week I went to 3 weddings the Botach wedding at the beautiful Pasgot Winery and Nachalat Binyamin Visitors center. I will be telling about why you should make sure to visit this place to learn about region and great history of wines and Biblical events. I also went to hot and sticky Beni Barak for the wedding of a daughter of friend of Mollie and then yesterday to Jerusalem to the wedding of daughter of Rabbi Aaron Kassin.

I will be talking about the amazing Chesed work that Rabbi Kassin does in Judea and Samaria and how he helps hundreds of needy families in collaboration with local rabbis and social services. At the Kassin wedding I met my good friend and mentor Rabbi Yehoshua Shmidt Cheif rabbi of Shavi Shomron who is planning a trip to the USA next week. You can contact me to invite him to speak at your synagogue or home and his Yeshiva and unique program for learning Talmud and remembering by heart with symbols from each page.

I got a couple of last minute calls recently, “I am in Shomron or I would like to leave now from Jerusalem to come out to visit Shomron, The problem with last minute calls, as much as I would love to meet you and show you around, please give me a heads up ahead of time and let’s plan your visit together.

Last week I spoke about my twitter feed, some non twitter users complained that they felt left out. Although you can access my twitter feed via my website and comment directly via the site or facebook. Twitter is more active and has a lot more going on. In any case, today I will speak more about my facebook feed about people who inspire you for Israel.

I have just launched a new hashtag #50for50 celebrating 50 years to the unification of Jerusalem and liberation of the Heartland Judea and Samaria.

While trying to stay in the positive I must admit that everything I worried might come with Trump’s visit to Israel is happening now. Israel has expanded powers to the Palestinian Authority and de facto applied a building freeze on Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. This is very sad and shows that Netanyahu is not reading the Trump map right.

Israel/Netanyahu should have made it clear that Oslo is over, dead, a non starter. And declared that we want peace, and the two state idea is not going to bring us to the goal.

The realities here in the heartland are difficult. We will continue to build and grow. You can help us.
Support our efforts by spreading the word on social media. Share this show and my posts.
Connect and give financial support to development projects in Shomron. Support the Homestead project contact me for details.
Visit the Shomron and urge others to do that.

Contact me when you are in planning stages for your Israel tour and I will help you build a Shomron Heartland itinerary. I might even be able to take you around to see and meet the people here on the ground.


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