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A Queen’s Life Between Diapers and Social Media

You will be getting a peak into the colorful kingdom of a Queen-Mother with seven kids who dares to color the rest of our lives

Who said that motherhood is apt to be dreary and rut-like?

Leorah Hallel Goldberg doesn’t fit into that mold at all.  She is beautiful, charming with her European accent, and she holds herself like a queen. Yet she has to be a juggler of sorts with motherhood and opening a new career path as a social media fashion and makeup star. Leorah does this all, despite having 7 children, which includes two sets of twins, and spanning from 3-12 years old.  She’s busy, yes, but she finds time after schlepping her children to and from school and activities, to make herself up like a Hollywood star and appear on camera.  Leorah models, gives tutorials on makeup and fashion, and has her own YouTube Channel at: ‘Leorah Hallel Goldberg’.  She usually makes three videos a week from her home’s basement in Jerusalem. She regularly gets up at 2:30am when her 7 kids are sleeping, to film, edit and post to her channel –She then makes them breakfast and drives them to school.

Leorah seems to be very ‘German’ in her precision, discipline and drive.  You would never know it, but this almost 40 year old model used to be obese. It was only recently in the last few years that she decided to put her foot down and completely turn her life around. She lost over 130 pounds and her before and after pictures are astonishing to say the least. It changed her life, and changed who she was. Her own husband and children had to adjust to get to know this ‘new Leorah’, as her weight loss and ensuing self-confidence and energy changed the family dynamics.

(See her before and after pictures in the first 1 minute of this video below)   

On top of it all, Leorah has a sense of fashion that inspires other Jewish women, (cancer patients and Muslim women as well) to be more adventurous in their head ‘wrapping’.  New inroads are being created by Jewish women when it comes to covering their hair. Married Jewish women cover their hair for modesty, and to create a special intimacy with their husbands that they don’t share with anyone else in the outside world. It has been common for most religious Jewish women to simply wear a ‘tichel’ (scarf) on their heads, or to wear a hat, or a wig. But today, with the internet, online shopping, and the ease of networking, ‘wrapping’ has started to grow ever more popular.

Leorah loves being a makeup artist.  She does make up and styling for women for weddings and other special occasions.  However, not long ago, she was asked to give tutorials on how to wrap scarves, from a group called ‘Wrapunzel’, -a play on the name taken from the children’s’ fable, Rapunzel.  The Wrapunzel creators were possibly the first online group that really promoted wrapping in a fun, creative, and beautiful way.  No more just simply wearing a scarf tied in a knot at the back of your head.  Wrapping today, has become an ‘art’.

Leorah wraps with colors, news ways to tie, and with it, eyes to match her wraps. –Or is it the other way around?  Her signature eye makeup bears the resemblance of a peacock, but Leorah can pull it off, and she does so with grace and flair.


Leorah doesn’t just do wrapping and makeup tutorial videos, but she also does videos on ‘spiritual growth’.  This woman has a lot to say!  You may even hear her kids messing around in the background, making noise, but she just keeps it ‘real’ on camera, without apology.  Maybe that is why we love her so much, she’s glamorous, yet raw and honest, and one can’t help but find her refreshingly delightful! Oddly, in her videos, you will see Leorah wearing only one long earring while her other ear only dons a small post. Why?  There’s a reason for that as well.

Find out more about Leorah, and start your adventure into looking even more beautiful and courageously bold! You may then understand why she says she feels like a queen.

Tamar Yonah interviews this intriguing mother, and you can hear the whole royal story to get you feeling regal, like a queen as well.

You can follow Leorah here:

Facebook: Leorah Hallel Goldberg

Facebook Fanpage: @LeorahsLooks

Instagram (Styling): @leorah_hallel

Instagram (Makeup): @leorahslooks

Youtube channel:



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