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An ‘Aussie’ Talks Unfiltered on Covid-Camps, Tyranny, and Loss of Freedoms

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What’s REALLY happening in Australia right now under the tight and oppressive covid mandates?
Gideon Rozner, the Director of Policy at the Institute of Public Affairs (Australia), joins Tamar Yonah and gives her an unfiltered look inside Australia today. He describes daily life under covid-tyranny, the loss of freedoms, and covid-camps. Rozner says there were even ‘healthy’ citizens taken away to a covid-camp, and says that there was even a hunt for ‘escapees’.
Gideon Rozner has served as an adviser to ministers in the Australian government. He has been published in a number of outlets including The Australian,  the Daily Telegraph, the Herald Sun,  and has appeared on Sky News, ABC TV and other networks.

He has a lifelong interest in personal and economic freedom, and has been very outspoken on the covid restrictions mandated by his government.