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OP-ED: Arming Our Executioners

The Jews of Germany were among the most successful people on earth. Captains of industry, leaders of banks, heads of unions, they amassed huge amounts of wealth.

Who knew that all of that hard work would unwittingly finance the Nazi conquest of Europe, and the murder of 6 million Jews?

Could this happen again?

For thousands of years we have been empowering the very people who thrust the sword upon our throats. In Egypt, we were the ones who made the Pharaohs rich and powerful. It started with Joseph’s dream, but culminated in a nation clamoring to prove how Egyptian they were. When Pharaoh decided to enslave us, he challenged all “real Egyptians” to volunteer for public works projects. When we raced to serve the fatherland in droves, he simply stopped making the work voluntary.

In our drive to prove how we were just like them, we enslaved ourselves.

We were the ones who introduced a local Duke named Ferdinand to Isabella to make him the king of Spain. For our service to the crown, he threw out every Jew from his country. We played a hand in making the Shah of Iran rich and powerful. He brought the Jewish community very close to him. When the Ayatollahs seized this now wealthy nation, a community of 100,000 Iranian Jews was reduced to less than 8,000.

In our quest to be their finest citizens, we arm insincere friends who turn out to be real enemies.

Is Hillary Clinton our next executioner? Not in 2016. If she wins she still has to run in one more election.

But what happens in 2020 when her political career is over? Sitting in the Oval Office, she is left with nothing more than 50 years of old vendettas to fill, and four years of enormous power to act.

When deciding who to go after first, what will she think about?

Monica Lewinsky for causing her international embarrassment after her husband took advantage of this 23-year-old intern? Charles Schumer and Rahm Emanuel for siding with Barrack Obama in 2008 and raising the money needed to defeat her? Bernie Sanders for disrupting her coronation in 2016? Anthony Weiner for tripping her up at the finish line?

Can she turn on an ethnic group like that?

According to Hillary: The Other Woman, authored by Dolly Kyle, In 1974, after her then boyfriend Bill Clinton lost a bid to become a Congressman from Arkansas, she called Clinton’s campaign manager, Paul Fray, a “f–king Jew bastard.” Several witnesses verified her exact words. What makes this so alarming is that Paul is a Southern Baptist. He has one Jewish great grandfather. However, in a moment of pure rage Ms. Clinton’s real feelings escaped.

In the same book, Ms. Kyle also claims that Hillary Clinton referred to us as “stupid kikes.”

Her inner circle includes an all-female entourage of an African American, an Arab, but no Jews. Liberal icons like Barbara Streisand and Steven Spielberg are seldom mentioned in roles beyond raising money for her.

In our 2,000 year exile it’s was the people we helped the most who broke our hearts and took everything away. We were passionate about being good Germans for 120 years. A Jew even lobbied to award Adolph Hitler a German war medal he used to further his rise to power.

Nobody ever thought it could ever happen until it was all over.

David Ben Horin has enjoyed success in Israel over the last 20 years as a student, tourist, citizen, soldier, hi-tech manager, husband, father. He developed so you can do the same!


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