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Grilled Vegetables with Armenian Seasoning

This grilled vegetable dish is unique because it uses a special mixture of Armenian seasoning. Once you prepare the mixture of seasoning, you can store it in a jar inside your spice drawer or freezer and it will be ready to be used any time you want. Feel free to experiment and use this seasoning with different vegetables or mushrooms. You can also add it into a marinade for grilled meat.

Armenian seasoning:

Sweet paprika, dried garlic, coriander, dill, fenugreek, chili pepper, calamnit, celery leafs, basil, parsley leafs, bay leaf, marjoram, black pepper, grounded cinnamon. The easiest way to make this seasoning is to get individual ingredients and mix it according to your taste. I prefer to put little more cinnamon. You can get some fresh herbs and dry it in dry dark place (such as clean attic).

1kg potatoes

200 g cherry tomatoes

2 white/light green peppers

3 zucchini

1 tbs salt

8 tbs olive oil

4-6 tbs Armenian seasoning

Cut vegetables and especially potatoes into small pieces. Add olive oil, salt and Armenian seasoning. Mix well and grill in oven (uncovered) at 140 degrees Celsius for about 2-3 hours depending how soft you want the vegetable to be. My recommendation is to bake it for longer because the taste of the spice will develop in the fish. Make sure to mix/turn the vegetables several times during baking, so it is grilled on all sides.

If you prefer to keep the dish dairy, serve with dip made from 2 cups sour cream and 1 cup mayo flavored with 2 tbs shredded white onion and 2 tbs pickles.




Pearl Devreux is from Czechoslovakia, and has lived in Europe, Miami, Florida, and currently resides in Israel. She jet-sets around a lot and eating only kosher food, she has thus developed and reformed a lot of her own European family specialties into recipes that are so easy,  you can even make some of them in a hotel room.  Nothing can stop Pearl in creating practical and yummy food that all of us can appreciate.  From her “Birthday Cake You Can Make Even with a Baby on Your Lap” and her ‘making Challah even in a Hotel Room’, Pearl is the down to earth,  ‘girl next door’, that we can all relate to.

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