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Jerusalem NewsTV Comedy Show

Better wear diapers when you hear these two go at the news with their hilarious comedy. RON YITZCHAK  & DAVID KILIMNICK  bring you the news in a style that is unique from other comic duos.
Get a taste of their comic news cast as Ron & David, in what they term as “Israel’s number 1 and greatest radio show: Jerusalem News TV’s Comedy Show (JNTV).  They tackle the troubling issues of Israeli society: religion on the Temple Mount, Shimon Peres’ reported death and ostriches in Jerusalem.
Hear more about the most exciting things that have happened to Jews this year, Iranian prayer services, Matisyahu, JDate and boxers, and understand the news much better…  or at least more entertaining than regular dry news.

DAVID KILIMNICK is a commentator with style. At the heart of the Israel comedy scene for more then 10 years, Jerusalem’s bilingual comic from Off The Wall Comedy Basement, brings the intricacy of Israeli humor to the news…..His one-man stand-up shows The Aliyah Monologues, Frum From Birth: Religious Manifesto, Find Me A Wife, I Am Now Israeli (performed in both English and Hebrew) have been entertaining international audiences from the Northern to Southern hemisphere, traveling East on the map. Now he brings that understanding and care to your home, with the confidence that can only be shared by somebody who does not know.,

RON YITZCHAK is a producer who has taken off a few years to learn Torah culminating in his becoming a Rabbi and Sofer. Focusing on Jewish themes including Jewish education and outreach, Ron’s strong background in Producing, Directing, Fund raising, story boarding, Project Management and Screenwriting has led to creative media for Torah learning with animated shows like Rabbi Akiva’s Letters and Perek Shirah. Switching gears to the adult audience, the new release Jerusalem News TV, pokes fun at the news as a non political branded satirical current events weekly program starring hiself as Anchorman and his Comedic CoProducer David Kilimnick as Commentator.
Off The wall Comedy Basement

David Kilimnick
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