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Photos from on the Ground in Amona as Police and Army Gather to Expel Residents and Destroy Their Homes

Photo credit:  Shannon Nuszen

42 families, including 200 children will be homeless after tractors and troops come to destroy the community of Amona.

Listen to the short interview with Shannon Nuszen here.

Forces arrive at the Jewish community of Amona, near Ofra, about a 20-25 minute drive from Jerusalem.  Families were promised by the government in an agreement to provide temporary housing for them until a new community could be built nearby, however, this has yet to be done, and Amona’s familes have nowhere to go.

As Police and expulsion forces come to expel It is raining at the scene, almost as if Heaven is crying, yet a rainbow appears in Amona.


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Tractors scattered at different points in Amona.  Fields were destroyed as tractors cut into them to make new pathways for troops to access Amona, in case any of the main access roads were blocked by youth in an effort to protect their community.


























Heavy fog engulfs Amona, making it impossible to see where tractors and forces are coming from.
Heavy fog engulfs Amona, making it almost impossible to see where tractors and forces are coming from.

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