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POETRY: Love Letter to the Defense Soldier

Mayflor Landero is a caregiver currently working in an undisclosed Arab country. She loves Israel, and when inspired, she writes poems. Mayflor is not afraid to show her admiration for the IDF even though she is currently in a country that has no relations with Israel.


Be proud you are a soldier;
who gathered fruit from the summer
Head held high up above in the sky

You are the soldier the families bread winner
Who once the dreamer; and becomes a pursuer
strive to survive! hold the longing’s, bear the pain, endure the hardships..
We love life so we face death.

You traveled a thousand miles of journey
To do things which is risky,
To the best of your ability
For the sake of our ancestry
You sacrifice and is aiming for the price
You are the fighter; won’t give up till you make it to the top


Forgive me for all the things that I didn’t  say
The love I felt along the way
You serve me without delay
How much I appreciate your sacrifice’s in me

As I wander aimlessly, your love showed me the way
Thanks for the opportunity to let me explore the  Engedi
For giving me strength & setting me free
It makes me stand confidently
For enriching my life in all the way
I am blissful I have you in all my days

I am proud of who I am today
Because you molded me this way
I need you constantly without you what my life would be?



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