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POETRY: Longing for Israel

When I visited the Children’s Holocaust Memorial for the first time in 2005, I had no more entered into the museum, realized the magnitude of the children lost in the holocaust as represented by the 1.5 Million flickering lights suspended 360 degrees around me, and I fell to my knees, crippled with grief over this hideous crime. I have prayed daily since that moment for Israel and for Jewish children around the world .  I am a gentile.  I wrote this the following year:
Longing for Israel
(the children’s memorial in Jerusalem)  by Jennifer Moore Lowe

This is where my heart is
Where my soul lives today
A place I never knew before
Just listen as I pray

A million shining stars
In the firmament around me
A million flickering lights
Dancing everywhere I see

Infinitely dark and somber
A shofar blows a tune
A child’s name rings out
My tears come too soon

All the Jewish children
Who died for no just reason
I bow my head in shame
For it cannot be undone

A generation before me
Took a million lives and more
But I still have to question
What was it all for?

Israel is where my heart is
And I long to return
A place I never knew before
I have so much to learn.

Jennifer Moore Lowe, MBA, I research the Cotopaxi, Colorado, Jewish Colony, where 72 Jews from Russia immigrated in 1882.  Preserving the memory of the 3 infants who are buried in the once neglected cemetery, and preserving the roadmark these immigrants traveled.  I’ve been back to Israel 3 times since I wrote this poem.  I cannot wait to return again.