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Rav Menachem Robinson: The Absolute Truth

About me:

My name is Menachem Robinson and I live with my family (wife, children and grandchildren in Israel).  On my last birthday I celebrated the 32nd anniversary of my 39th birthday (I never tell my age, B”N).  I am a retired Electronics Engineer and US Army Officer who studied scriptures for 68 years and science for 59 years on three different continents.  With 16 years of full and part time college studies in Engineering, general science, Psychology, Sociology and business.  24 years ago we started living the absolute truth at which time our family went from chaos to complete happiness – this is our secret for success – guaranteed in writing.

My book is: “The Absolute Truth, subtitled: The Solution to All Your Problems – Guaranteed in Writing.”  It is available on my blog:

The Absolute Truth  (which gives you a choice of the book from or an electronic copy, Kindle version from or, the best value is to click the “Buy Now” button on the top of the right hand column and purchase the Ebook directly from me for $5 dollars.  Directly from me gives you access to my Email directly, if you have any questions when reading the book.  What author has ever offered you that luxury?


Book Mission Statement

This is a book for those who are looking for the absolute truth about this upside-down fantasy world of lies and deceit.  This is the culmination of a 24 year study proving that living the absolute truth is the only way to survive, thrive and even find the true meaning of happiness and success.  My proof is unshakable – not based on abstract concepts, but on thousands of hours of research and scientific data, including observation of tens of thousands of individuals over a half century – documenting what caused happiness or sadness, success or failure in life.  This is the report of the results of this study.

My Blog:

My blog, also called “The Absolute Truth,” was started 43 months ago and is presently being read in 181 countries.  I have posted over 800 pages of information on 416 posts (as of 19 Oct 2015), with over 238 thousand page views.  I am in contact with many of my readers through Email, Skype, phone and in-person.  This has been the most rewarding experience in my life interacting with people all over the world.  I have learned much from my readers, as well as helping many of my readers discover the absolute truth of this world – it has been an exciting adventure.