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Shemoneh Esrei Project – The Danger Zone [audio] 🎧

Music on The Danger Zone?
Yes, when talking to the men behind the ‘Eighteen Project’.
Rabbi Aryel Nachman and Jazz musician Richard D. Ruttenberg join Gadi for a show that is a little different, but this will be interesting to all to say the least. What is the project and how and why did it even come together? Rabbi and Richard explain the concept, the music and the Benedictions.
Listen here:…srei-project

The Danger Zone 08Jan2018 – PODCAST


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1 Comment on Shemoneh Esrei Project – The Danger Zone [audio] 🎧

  1. On the Shemoneh Esrei Project:
    I’ve been following Mr Ruttenberg for years. His music has always been appealing to jazz afficionados but this is, in my humble opinion, his finest work. He is already an accomplished and sophisticated musician, but this latest album is a masterpiece. Really, his Magnum Opus. I believe it is so scintillating, specifically due to the unique spiritual inspiration which informs its approach. It is truly refreshing to be transported not only into the unpredictable and delightful world of great jazz music, but also to have that experience eventuate into a mesmerising spiritual crescendo.

    It would be difficult to say absolutely that I prefer a single track to all the others. I think it would be more accurate to say that I have favourite “movements” or “moments” in most of them. Beautifully captivating. Deftly executed, and resplendent in its motivation. Bravissimo! Baruch HaSh-m.

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