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Soul Talk – Why Can’t I Connect with Formal Prayer?

Prayer is a very important way to connect to G-d and connect to ourselves. Yet, it can sometimes feel easier to make that connection when I say my own personal prayers. After all, they are in my own words infused with my own thanks, worries and desires. How can I more effectively connect to formalized prayer from the prayer book?

Join Leora Mandel and Rabbi David Aaron, where you will get a new understanding of what prayer is all about and a new perspective that will likely change and empower your prayers.

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4 Comments on Soul Talk – Why Can’t I Connect with Formal Prayer?

  1. Hi,
    I’ve listeneded several times to the complete show on Soul Talk, Why can’t I connect with Formal Prayer?
    Thank you so much for a really meaningful discussion as I like you often have problems with formalised prayer.
    I’m a regular listener to your shows and appreciate the work, thought and sincerity that go into making them.

    Elizabeth Belgium.

    • Elizabeth, Thank you for taking the time to write to us. I’m so glad that you found the show as useful as I have. I truly benefit from my conversations with Rabbi Aaron and am glad to know that others do to. If you have any questions/topics that you would like Rabbi Aaron to address on Soul Talk, please send us an e-mail at :
      Many Thanks,
      Leora Mandel

  2. Hi,

    I’m having problems with the CAPTCHAs !!! I hope that you got my previous mail bout how wonderful I found you show about connecting with formalised prayer.


    Elizabeth Belgium.

  3. Thank you for this deeply meaningful discussion with Rabbi Aaron SheLIT”A. I, like Elizabeth, found Rabbi Aaron’s messages and your reactions truly insightful and, if properly internalized and applied, bearing the potential to transform one’s connection with prayer and with HaShem (G-d).

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