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Stop Crying For the Government to Give Us ‘Safe-Rooms’

There are some in Israel that are bemoaning the fact the Israeli government isn’t protecting its population with safe-rooms (bomb shelters) in their apartments. Older buildings in Israel before the early 90’s are not built with safe-rooms and residents need to go out of their apartments and into the public stairwells of the building (usually located in the interior of the building) hoping that this area will protect them better. Often, people need to go out into the stairwell in their pajamas if a red alert siren goes off at night. Though it is a chance to meet & shmooze with your neighbors, most people would rather be able to sleep inside their safe rooms if the need arises, so they do not have to run in the middle of the night, tripping over themselves gathering children and running to safety.
Is this cry for the government to supply us with safe-rooms just?

We have a criminal and corrupt terror entity in our back yard, Gaza. These terrorists open fire on our children’s heads whenever they choose. We are held hostage to their whims and demands.
What other nation in the world would tolerate what we have tolerated for at least two decades?
I would think that the proper way of ‘thinking’ would be to get rid of the evil once and for all in Gaza, rather than begging our leadership to please supply us with bomb shelters built into our apartments.

Are we so beaten down that we have accepted this situation? Criminals need to be stopped, not tolerated and bribed to please give us peace. We are Bnei Yisrael (the Children of Israel) we should be the light to the nations and drive out these terrorists, for our good, as well as the good of the innocent Arab families in Gaza that just want to make a living and live in peace. And before anyone thinks I have no right to think this, I served in the Israeli army, I have 4 sons who served here and can be called at any time to report for duty, and my father fought in the 1948 War of Independence.

I imagine most people want safety & peace, and not just for ourselves, but also with our Arab cousins who also might want to live a normal life and not be involved with terrorists or a terrorist government. Our focus should be on curing the patient (Israel) and not placing more Band-Aids that won’t bring us an end to this festering entity in Gaza.
Don’t cry for safe-rooms. Cry for justice and sanity.