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The Walter Bingham File – Exceptional Times

This week, ‘The Walter Bingham File’ covers an exceptional period in the Jewish calendar, as well as most extraordinary events in politics.

Following in quick succession were three important commemorative days as well as Israel’s independence day and Walter describes how Israel remembers and also celebrates.

While our president, Reuven Rivlin, in his speeches praised the achievements of Israel’s men and women, the prime minister spoke about his intention to bring about the so-called two-state solution. To that subject, Walter had a lot to say and you will want to hear it.

He will also take France to task for aligning herself with the Arab lobby and completely ignoring the historic Jewish connection with the Temple Mount and the ancient right to the Jewish Homeland.

And then, of course, Walter talks about the political manoeuvers of Prime Minister Netanyahu to save his power base, which hangs on a fairly thin thread, and how that caused the sudden resignation of Defense Minister Yaalon.

There is also the uncertainty about the position of Avigdor Lieberman of Israel Beitenu, who joined the coalition government.

And last but not least, Walter is very upset about the utterances of the IDF deputy chief of staff comparing events in Nazi Germany to the actions of Israel and he discusses the implications.

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The Walter Bingham File 22May2016 – PODCAST