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Would Anyone Care to Walk a Mile in Israel’s Shoes?

Last week the United Nations held a session condemning Israel in its policies in the fight against terror. I have never seen such a hatred for a country and a nation of people who are just trying to defend themselves from the same exact terror the rest of the world faces.

Within less than a year Europe had two major terror attacks, one in France and one in Brussels. ISIS claimed responsibility for both and world leaders, including UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, stood in solidarity in peaceful protest against radical Islam. The UN HRC and the world have condemned them.

Now we have Israel the one and only Jewish state in the entire world, a country who fights the same enemy the world faces on a daily basis, an enemy from the same tree of radical Islam with just a different name, and the UN condemns her for defending herself. The United Nations HRC was easily fooled by the Hollywood media into thinking the Israeli/Arab conflict was different. The expression of repeating a lie until it is believed must be true for the world to believe that Israel is this evil occupying nation that stole land from the Arabs, even though history clearly shows that the land of Israel has belonged to the Jewish people for more than 3000 years.

Now if you go to the UN webpage you can see all of the countries that are part of the Human Rights Council. I can tell you off hand most of these countries have a dark history, so why does Israel have to be the only country that must legitimize its existence when God himself gave our people the land? Why is Israel condemned for defending itself from the same enemy the rest of the world faces (and yes, it is the same enemy)?

Unlike what Ben Ki Moon said, there is no justification for killing innocent Israeli women and children. We need to have leadership that has the chutzpah to say we don’t need to defend our legitimacy to anyone and withdraw from the United Nazis organization (yes that’s what they are). The IDF is one of the most morally upright Militaries in the world, going so far as to try to protect the Arabs by sending leaflets to the Arab civilian population during the war with Hamas to give them time to take shelter from the attacks. Israel medical teams continue to treat Hamas and other terrorist personnel to save their lives.

For countries that have had a radical Islamic attack, maybe it will take the UN to tell you that you must refrain from defeating the enemy that did this to you, that you use limited force, that you must have a 2 state solution that brings the enemy that wants to wipe you off the map closer the accomplishing that goal so just maybe you might understand what Israel goes through when we fight so we can exist. Would any of you care to walk a mile in Israel’s shoes?


This article was originally published on Dispatches From the Conservative Underground