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Earthquake Safety Tips

In light of the recent earthquakes in the north of Israel, Israel News Talk Radio would like to share some tips on earthquake safety.

If you find yourself in a building when an earth quake strikes, says the general rule is to:  DROP – COVER – HOLD ON

  1. Drop – drop to the floor and lie down and cover your head, or get to a fetal type position and cover your head, you do not want the quake to cause you to fall uncontrollably.)
  2. Cover – Find some type of cover like a table, to prevent falling objects from hitting your head.  Kitchens are not safe places.  If you are in a kitchen, try to reach a nearby place where you can find cover.
  3. Hold On – try to hold on to a leg of a table or something that can protect you and will prevent you from being tossed around.

More information for earthquake preparedness before, during and after an earthquake can be found on or by doing a google search here.

As a note, the ‘Triangle of Life‘ method is another option, but there is much controversy about this method, and you should make up your own mind if to use it or not.

If you are in the outdoors when an earthquake takes place, the general rule is to try to be in an open space away from buildings, electrical lines, etc.  More information can be found here.

Below is an example of how to drop, cover, and hold on from KITV4 News.

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