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Grilled Potato Borek with Mushroom Stuffing

Do you have left-over mashed potatoes?  Then you will LOVE this recipe!  You might even be tempted to make a new batch of mashed potatoes just for this recipe. All your family will love these delicious and healthy borekas.

My readers already know that I love to make my own seasoning mixtures and that I gave you recipe for Armenian seasoning. Here comes a recipe for Bulgarian seasoning. You can prepare it in a bigger quantity and keep it in the freezer or your spice cabinet and use it any time you want. This seasoning also goes well with all grilled dishes, kebab, vegetable mixtures as well as vegetable soups and spreads.

Bulgarian Seasoning 

Dried celery leaves and root, fenugreek, calamnit, turmeric, chilli pepper.

I prefer to have the major part of celery – about triple the amount, than individual units of other spice. You can put half a unit as well as double the amount of chili pepper.

Wash the celery root and leaves. Cut the root into thin slices and dry together with the leaves either in the fruit dryer or in the oven at 50 degrees celsius for at least 4 hours. Use baking paper for the celery if you dry it in the oven. Blend it in a food processor and mix it with all other ingredients.


1 kg potatoes (cooked, mashed, you do not have to peel it, just clean the skin well)

2 eggs

150 g flour

150 g shredded yellow cheese

2 tbs salt

300 g mushrooms (portobello, champagne)

1 big onion

5 tbs olive oil

3 tbs Bulgarian seasoning


Mash the hot potatoes, add salt, flour, cheese, salt and egg.

In a pan, brown the onion, add chopped mushrooms and seasoning.

Scoop about 3 tbs of the mashed potato dough mixture and place it on the plastic bag. Form into about a 1 cm thick layer, add 1 tbs mushrooms into the middle, fold into half (by lifting one side of plastic bag), connect the edges together and bake on a grill pan with some olive oil.

Serve with your favorite dressing, sour cream or shredded Parmesan.



Pearl -FullSizeRenderPearl Devreux is from Czechoslovakia, and has lived in Europe, Miami, Florida, and currently resides in Israel. She jet-sets around a lot and eating only kosher food, she has thus developed and reformed a lot of her own European family specialties into recipes that are so easy,  you can even make some of them in a hotel room.  Nothing can stop Pearl in creating practical and yummy food that all of us can appreciate.  From her “Birthday Cake You Can Make Even with a Baby on Your Lap” and her ‘making Challah even in a Hotel Room’, Pearl is the down to earth,  ‘girl next door’, that we can all relate to.

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