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The Tamar Yonah Show – Are Muslims Making Up the Bulk of the French Military?

Europe is having an identity crisis. With their population not having children and the massive Islamic immigration into their countries, more and more of Europe’s youth is now Muslim…and this includes making up a good size of their military.

What does this mean for the near future of Europe, and will this affect Israel in any way, economically or security-wise? Find out on this show when veteran journalist and radio show host Walter Bingham joins Tamar and talks about the state in Britain and BREXIT. And later, Dr. Mordechai Ben-Menachem, author of the book, MUSLIM WINTER, shares some startling facts about the new upcoming generation of fighters in Europe.

It’s a truly eye-opening show!

Tamar Yonah Show 21Jun – PODCAST

1 Comment on The Tamar Yonah Show – Are Muslims Making Up the Bulk of the French Military?

  1. Tamar, as a German it bothers me to no end the willingness of our elected leaders to fill the void in the military as well as substitute our police forces with Muslims. We all know of course what that means and it is for these intended purposes, the dismantling of Germany and Europe as it is happening in the US as well. I would love to see a revived German patriotism without the ideologies of the Nazis akin to the American patriotism of old. Sadly I believe that this will never happen again. And if it does it will either have enough infiltration by the Nazis in the East of Germany primarily or it will literally shot down those who take part of it, namely by the Muslims who will be part of the very same forces.

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