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The Tamar Yonah Show – Are American Jews Going To Be In Danger After The U.S. Elections?

Rumors are that whoever wins the U.S. elections, President Barack Hussein Obama will officially recognize a ‘Palestinian State’ at the United Nations, before he leaves office in January.

Also, whichever candidate wins, how will the other side of the American public react? Will there be anger and rioting, and who might they take their blame out on and why?

Shifra Hoffman of Victims Of Arab Terror and talks about this possibility, as well as Dr. Mordechai Ben-Menachem, who also has a GOOD NEWS story to share with our listeners here in Israel.

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1 Comment on The Tamar Yonah Show – Are American Jews Going To Be In Danger After The U.S. Elections?

  1. The real liars I see here is MAINSTREAM Media. I see my wife with two masters degrees in the IT business for years replaced three times over the past 3 years by policies of the current administation along with corruption in the H1B visa program. I can site several examples where she was forced to train her replacements who were fresh off the plane from Bangalore. I see radcialized muslims entering the United States with impunity, while IMAMs are free to preach hatred and violence. I see Nazi war colaborator George Sorros and his open borders group flood the west with incompatible people who will not assimilate like many moderates have.

    I several past presidential administrations not heed the advice from the people who understand terrorism and not take action on Sept 11 before it happened with the ISRAELI inteligence counterparts warning the BUSH administration through condi rice. Hillary has taken money from Whabbist Saudi Arabia, and as a Sept 11 responder I am done. If Clinton wins, I am going to ISRAEL and refuse to invest in a new business that I was considering. I see my medicare thanks to declining health and the benefits dwindle as the weight of OBAMACARE with new regulations choke doctors into retirement early.

    Hillary is as dishonest as they come. From lapses in security, to comprimising personel in the field through due to her own actions and/or lack of action and her continued enabling of the IRANIANs in pursuit of nuclear weapons, a direct threat to the homeland that gave birth to my father as well as America. While I am going to vote TRUMP, along with other Jewish people I know in ISRAEL and in the United States. It disgusts me that people label trump antisemetic. When in fact, TRUMP maintains good relations with BIBI Netenyahu, and ISRAEL as well as has the respect Vladimir Putin. HILLARY has raised tensions along with this administation the point of causing defcon status to be at DEFCON 2. We are more closer to nuclear war now then we have ever been with .Regan or any other president.

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